Sunday, November 30, 2008

Don't Call C.P.S.

Okay, some of you may know this, but for those of you who don't: We love to fool with Morgan.

She is just so cute and so little and so agreeable and she lets us do fun stuff to her like this:

Yes, that is a real little wooden doll bed at MiMi's house. Hilarious.

And she lets Olivia do this:

Yes, that is a little plastic doll stroller. Yes, she is busting out of it.

(And yes, I am yelling, "Hold her head! Hold her head!")

And best of all, today, she let us do this:

Come on- if you are going to put on a little Build-A-Bear Workshop top hat, you MUST have a little "moo-stache" to go with it. (And, yes, I almost peed my pants!)

Then OF COURSE, everyone wanted in on the fun: (Have I mentioned that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a decent picture of all three of them at the same time???)

So Until Next Time...

Doesn't she look like a teeny-tiny Danny DeVito??? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Melanie said...

That is too funny! They are all so cute. THanks for stopping by. Let me know when you and if you post pictures of your outside. I want to see! :)

The Saras Family said...

Aw...just love her so much!What great kids you have...what great kids!

misty said...

those are all REALLY CUTE pictures! its so easy to take fun shots of babies, then they grow up & you have to bribe them to smile. (or atleast i have to do that!)

davyfound said...

love the mustache! what's next - a mohawk??