Friday, November 14, 2008

Fab Five Friday

1. I finally finished my website!!!! Now I can start sending out samples and have somewhere for people to go shop around and place orders!!! I hope to get this little ball rolling again- had to start with just the things I've already done, but hope by the first of the year I can add more categories! YEA! (If you need cute Teacher's gifts for Christmas...)

2.Morgan found her feet! Is there anything cuter than a baby all rolly-polly on thier back while holding thier feet??? I think not.
3.We found a great photographer, Brandi Fornoff, and had a wonderful time at the Arboretum having the kids' pictures made! As soon as we get the proofs, I'll post some. 4. Romo, our puppy, has proven himself to be the most patient dog on the planet. I have always ben fearful of dog and kids, but poor Mo lets Luke do ANYTHING to him and just sits there. They are true buddies. "I wub you, Moey Dog".

Who has let Luke bury him under throw pillows and his Bunny???

It's Mo!!!!!

(If you look close in the background picture of Morgan, you'll notice sweet Mo just walking around wearing Luke's Bunny !)

5. We have made (minor) Potty Progress this week. I found that if I give him an endless supply of books, he will sit on the potty forever. He won't go...but at least he'll sit there...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The website looks great! You did such a good job! Here's hoping for lots of orders.
Hope Morgie is feeling better.
Let me know about "B&B", okay?
'Aunt Target' and O taking dessert orders- they are so precious.