Friday, November 7, 2008

Fab Five Friday

Totally inspired by "Not Me Mondays", I have decided to create a day devoted to the things that did happen (ha!) and were fabulous- a gratitude journal of sorts (minus the Oprah!)...While we are SO blessed and great things happen everyday, this list could go on forever, so for the sake of a cute alliteration title, I am limiting it to 5:

1. While eating at Scotty P's Burgers, I look over to see Jas coloring on Luke's coloring page. This is what I saw:

Jason writing all fancy! So maybe I've rubbed off on him more than he ever let on: FABULOUS! 2. After a yummy lunch of hot dogs, cheese slices and diced apples, I ask Bubs to please put his plate in the sink for me. I hear him rattling around in the kitchen talking to himself and when I come in to see exactly what he's up to, I find him scraping his leftovers in Romo's bowl. "I give him a treat," he says. Luke is becoming very thoughtful, even to the dog: FABULOUS! 3. My precious O has braved her very real fear of showers, and has taken one every night this week. After I talked to her about how it was wearing me out (and hurting my brain) trying to figure out how to juggle feeding, bathing, jammy-ing and reading to all three of them every night on my own, She agreed that she was big enough to handle it and hasn't complained about it once. 'Even caught her singing in there: FABULOUS! 4. Morgan found her voice! She has started doing that great baby cooing/yodeling/screeching thing and even laughs at herself when she really gets going loud. She gave us concert the other night at 3:30am after I had fed her and put her back down, normally we would have minded, seeing as how it was 3:30am, but I lay there and enjoyed this "Last Baby Growing Up Milestone" moment : FABULOUS! 5.Our precious friends the Andersons came over and played this afternoon. We missed them all so much while we were gone! There is nothing I love more than visiting with friends, and today everyone got along and played so nicely, I hated to see them go! But seeing them and catching up was FABULOUS!

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Betsy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your kiddos sound precious.