Friday, November 21, 2008

"Can I Confuse Him? Yes, I can!"

This conversation just took place:

Bubs: Mommmmyyyy, I wanna watch Bob!

Me: Luke, come on. I just turned it off because you weren't watching it.

Bubs: Pleeeease, Mommy, please. 'Ask naaahce-ly'. (He thinks if he says, "Ask nicely" while doing a slo-mo version of the sign for "please" he will get whatever he wants.)

Me: I put it on and you went to go play. I am not putting it on again. No. I said "no."


Me: Whooa- watch it mister. Do you want Time Out?

Bubs: ISAAAAIIIDDYESSSS! WannawatchBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaab!
(Throws the CD case on the floor)

Me: Luke, you better watch it!

Bubs: Yes, Mommy, yes! (read: " You stupid woman!") I wanna watch Bob!


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