Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Things

Because I am totally freaking out about Obama's win last night, I have taken time this morning to appreciate the things in my life that make me happy:

My Breakfast Of Champions
Please do not think I am looney- OCD, but I have honestly eaten the same breakfast everyday for the past 6 years. I wake up in the morning and can't WAIT to have a hot cup of coffee and a chocolate granola breakfast bar. They are like gold to me. I have a hard time having one without the other. My children know not to eat them. Jason knows EXACTLY which kind to buy. I even pack them and bring them with me if I travel somewhere- because they make me happy.

Olivia's Desire To Have A New Name

Jason and I found this written on our deck last night. I have been finding pieces of paper in her room from when she's been "playing school" and noticed that she had been signing things, "Kim Yarbrough" or "Olivia Rose" and just thought it was cute. Seems like last night she decided to finally leave us a huge hint about things she would have preferred we had named her:

1. Olivia Elle Yarbrough (at least she put that first! Not much she can do about it for another 12 years)
2. Kim Roes (Rose) Huchen (this morning it hit me that Huchen must be
for Vanessa Anne Hutchens of HSM fame- So funny!)
3. Stace (Stacy, Stacie...) Hart (Heart) Huchen
(Not sure about the hieroglyphs drawings at the bottom yet though...) Seriously, she is so sweet and funny... At least she didn't put anything like Candy or Bliss- that made me happy.

Luke Singing

This is a new thing. He LOVES to be sung too, and I hear him singing little songs to himself when he's playing in his room, or looking out the window in the car. This is him singing his new favorite song, that I now almost regret ever singing to him in the first place: The Super Duper Pooper Song. Lyrics (the Yarbrough version) are as follows:

"He's A Super Duper Pooper

He Goes Potty Like The Rest

No More Diapers In His Way

He Likes Undies The Best- Yea!"

While the choice of song is not my favorite, his little lisp-y voice is- and that makes me happy.


I made these four pillows for our couch last night. I am starting to get addicted. The fact that I am able make almost whatever I can think up is kinda fun. I am getting a little better with each project (Put a little fringe detail on two of these throws- watchout!) Jason hates the orange pillows- but they make me happy. (So they're staying.)

Clockwork Napper

I love that Morgan goes to sleep for her early morning nap one hour and fifteen minutes after she has woken up- regardless of what time that was. I think its hilarious. There is like this little tiny clock inside of her and if she wakes up at 7 with me, she is back asleep at 8:15am either on her play mat, in the swing or in the car seat. I finally saw this pattern this week, so I have been putting her back in her crib and she been sleeping better and longer- and that makes me happy.

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