Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pray For Us

We are having the kids long-awaited photo session tomorrow. Please say a mini prayer that:
-The weather is nice since we are going to the Arboretum
-Everyone behaves themselves as much as they are age-appropriately capable of
-No more teeth are knocked out in the next 19 hours
-Morgan doesn't yack all over the poor lady
-Luke doesn't say anything that he might have overheard me say, maybe, say, when I happen to spill coffee on myself...
-We don't get busted for bringing in tons of changes of clothes
-They turn out great, or none of you are getting Christmas cards...wink.


The Saras Family said...

LOOOVVVEEEE the new layout and what you did with those pic's!

Anonymous said...

I think all but #4 can be managed. I'm afraid you're just out of luck there.
But she's still adorable.
Little Miss ThunderThighs.