Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ode To Gymboree

Inspired by a post on A Soft Place To Land, I have also decided to pay homage to one of my favorite things on the planet....
Oh my darling, Gymboree. How I love thee.
I love your rows and rows of adorable clothing, that I hardly ever actually purchase in your store. How I love your line names like, "Lemony Fresh","Fiesta Del Sol" and "Hide N Seek".Oh, I wait with bated breath, while I search racks and racks, and make saved searches on eBay to find the shirt to go with the boots that match the sweater I bought because I found the hair clips on sale. I adore your shoes, that are not meant to be worn by little feet.What a thrill it gives me to know that I can dress my two girls in coordinating outfits as long as they will let me, or until Olivia is a size 12, whichever comes first. How thoughtful you are to use the same Mystic Blue in your Tutti Fruity and Pool Party lines, so the M2M flip flops I had looked adorable with both. You are too kind.
Your sales and promises of Gymbucks call to me from afar, but I must resist. Your embellished sweaters make my heart flutter. Your decorative tights make me swoon. Why must you tempt me with umbrellas and tote bags, too?

Most of all my darling Gymboree, I love that you will be passed along and shared between my dearest friend who can also pick out one of your pieces being worn by a child on the front row of story time at the library. (wink)

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Anonymous said...

You are a nut job...
Thanks for taking care of the Katrina Kitties!