Thursday, November 20, 2008

And I Would Know You Froommm....

I don't think my son knows who his parents are. We are supposed to be the MOST important people in his life, by his little side from the moment he was born, we've kissed his boo-boos, dried his tears, clothed and fed him for Pete's sake, and this is what we get???

Yesterday Jas was reading a new book he had bought at the book fair with O to Luke and I (more on that book later) and when he came upon this page:
Bubs say, "Oh, look! There you are, Daddy!" We were both like, "Uh, where?" and who does he point out??? This guy:

WHAT?!?! The balding, caterpillar eyebrowed, too much chest-haired, Tony Soprano-y guy??? Needless to say, Jas was confused, seeing as how he looks like this: AND THEN! Today, I am putting away laundry, therefore giving Bubs plenty of time to get into something, which happened to be the magazines in my nightstand. There was a copy of the Frisco Image, which he started thumbing through. I am in the closet and...

Bubs: "There you are Mommy!"

Me: "Yes, I'm still up here. I'm in the closet." (Silly me, I think he's checking on where I am!"

Bubs: "No, you're heee-re! Right here! Look!"

I come out and he is pointing to a picture in the magazine.

Bubs: "You eating Staabucks!" (And, yes, while I do enjoy my Iced Venti Non-fat Caramel Macchiatos...)THIS IS NOT ME!!!: I am his MOTHER! And he doesn' know what I look like?!!? I told him it was not me(!) and he insisted that it was, so I asked him who I was sitting with then and he said, "Uuuuuhhhh..." (thinking)"...not Daddy."

Got that right.

On a S.D.P. Note: He has gone to the bathroom 5 times today- 3 of which were self-initiated! I think we had our Helen Keller "w-a-t-e-r" moment the other day, and he's finally getting it. Not to mention all of the Scooby-Doo fruit snacks he's been getting as treats when he goes. (They are turning his poo a weird color, but at least that poo is in the pot-ty!) "Whoo-ray" as he would say.


Margaret said...

To his credit, Tony Soprano is probably the least frightening person in that picture.

4Hoffman's said...

Your posts crack me up!! At least he's picking out people...Austin only likes to point out the "D-A-W-G-S!!!" in every book! Would love to have a family get-together!! Let me know if you'd like too...let the kiddos play...and visit w/you & Jason!

misty said...

came across your blog & wanted to say hi!

your kids are TOO CUTE!!!

one of the post said something about you having a business & teacher gift ideas. i would love to check it out - what is the site?

Anonymous said...

I blame Dr. Seuss...

This is why he loves Dick and Jane-
the people look like real people, not horrible caricatures.

I don't think he's old enough to really 'see' you yet.