Monday, November 17, 2008


...or should I say, "Pee!"

(Due to the PG rating of this blog, I instructed him to "hide your peepee". Nice job, Bubs.)

Finally, after 2 frickin'frackin' weeks of sitting, pleading, reading, singing, talking, waiting, yelling, reading, waiting, coaxing, crying, bribeing, and, oh yes!, more singing- He peepeed in the potty this morning! Because I know you all want the glorious details:

I went to change his diaper while getting him dressed for the day and noticed he was dry. He had had breakfast a while before which included his junkie-ration of at least 2 full cups of BunnyWhop- so I knew, KNEW! there was pee in there somewhere. So I told him to run go sit on the potty (which is why he's naked- I never finished dressing him.) Well, he read a while. Nothing. We sang a while. Nothing. So I told him to stay here while I went to refill my cup of coffee. No sooner had I stepped into the kitchen then he yell, "I peed! The potty sang song to me!!!" (The little potty makes this majestic-trumpeting sound: "DautDautDahDaaaaaaaaaa" when water hits the sensors in the bottom- which, as I'm writing this, has me crying laughing at how silly that is! But anyway...) So I run in there and SURE ENOUGH! The little blue bowl thing is full of pee. "Look, Mommy- Its geen!" he say, so proud that his pee apears to be a different color than all of ours! I clapped, I cried, we high-fived.

It was MARVELOUS! It was FANTASTIC! He hasn't done it since.


The Saras Family said...

Love the naked boy. Every time I read what you say I fast forward my life and see me going through the same thing with H. Too funny.

**Oh and yes, my husband IS one with nature. lol.

4Hoffman's said...

YEAH LUKE!!! CONGRATS MOMMY!!! Potty-training is so hard! He'll have it no time and be doing it every day! I've always heard boys are harder to train than it true?

Anonymous said...

Good job, Bubs!
Sorry I missed the 'moment'.
A few more times and he'll completley get it.

"B &B"'s costumes are INSANELY out of control. Just gorgeous fabrics, covered in sequins, braid, ribbons. Haven't had too many big alterations- just hems and letting out seams and sewing on buttons and so on.
Though one kid did break the zipper in his pants- arrrgh!