Sunday, June 29, 2008

"iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, teeeeew!"

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We all had a great day! Olivia had spent the night out at Kira's, so Luke had every one's attention all morning! We got ready and took him to see Wall-E, only because he completely flips out every time the commercial comes on! He did really well for the first half, and then all of the Coke and M&M's he had been snacking on kicked in and all he wanted to do was run up and down the steps inside the theater! So we packed it up and headed for home. He, of course, slept 20 minutes in the car and was sufficiently revived enough to spend the rest of the afternoon figuring out how to do a somersault and getting put in time-out for throwing cars at everyone. We had him open his gifts before dinner and he LOVE LOVES the Bob the Builder remote controlled Scoop! You can see in one picture he is getting so made at Jas for taking so long to get it out of the box! (The damn thing was SCREWED in- that's a new one! Just when we had gotten used to the wire-ties...Oh, well!) We had dinner and busted out his cake (Please note: I know I am known for being quite the cake-diva, but I am so big and so tired, I had a melt down yesterday at the thought of having to make and decorate a cake for him, that I, gasp!, went and bought one at Safeway and stuck toys on the top! I know, I know- I am not beating myself up over it too much considering no one but us saw it and he's too little to know any different) Well! Then it was time for baths, PJs and our now Dance Party ritual. He and Olivia will dance in front of the TV for hours! Its hilarious, because he copies everything she does!! I'll try to get it on tape so you can see! He went off to bed with O and Granna, and that was that! I fun-filled day for a crazy little boy!


Anonymous said...

This was so great- we felt like we were there.
Miss you all!
Love, Mom

The Saras Family said...

Aw~too cute!

Anonymous said...

Anne, what a great job!! It was also great to hear your voice! He looks so much older already. I love Olivia's ears pierced. What a shocker--they look great!! Hope you all are having a fun summer. Morgan is beautiful--in her first photo show!! Can't wait to hear she has arrived--Miss you all, Jen and Lily