Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some are Silver...

So! In the past 24 hours, I have gotten to see old friends, new(er) friends and really missed my fierce-est friend!!!

We were able to meet up with Rachel at their house yesterday for a little swim party! It was SO great to see her, Kira, Karston, and even Kirk was there! I couldn't believe how BIG the kids had gotten- to think I really learned how to be a mommy to a newborn by taking care of Kira, and there she was doing crazy back-flips off the diving board! Karston was still the sweet guy we always ways, now only big and almost 7 and he even played with Bubs for awhile- so nice! Olivia and Kira totally hit it off, and O is having a sleepover at their house this upcoming Friday! Exciting!! So glad to have them back in our lives- Rachel is the fabulous mommy who always know cool stuff to do!

This morning was ABSOLUTELY fabulous, as we met Heather and Troy for breakfast as they were on their way through to Hawaii! I have missed her like crazy and couldn't have been more excited to see them and catch up, even if it was only for an hour or so! Heather brought Bubs a sock monkey doll (originally for MJ's nursery, until I switched the theme on her- sorry!), that he now LOVES and made dance all the way home from the restaurant! He calls it, "Oo Ah"... I was totally nostalgic this morning, talking and texting Lysh while she was at our semi-annual girls only OUAC dollar sale, all by herself! That is totally one of those silly things we both look forward to: who doesn't love a day of no kids and shopping??? Hopefully, we'll be back in TX in time for the winter sale, and we can steal all the bargains together! "Dollar Divas Unite!" I loved the message where she says, "Well, I could only find, like, 45 things for Olivia, 20 things for Luke..." LOVE IT!

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