Monday, June 2, 2008

War Path

Guess who's doctor no longer accepts the insurance she's spent ALL month signing up and jumping through hoops for???? Guess who basically got kicked out of the doctor's office today??? (I'm surpried they didn't hand me my pee sample on the way out the door!) Guess who's hormones are so THROUGH THE ROOF, that they almost had a complete and total melt-down at the front desk when the secertary treated them like a second-rate citizen all of a sudden??? Guess who now has to not only find a new doctor, but a new hospital and a new day to have the poor kid at 33 weeks along??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!? TOTAL. COMPLETE. NIGHTMARE. Then I have to deal with some complete JACK-ASS customer service rep for the insurance who has the BALLS to say to me "Well, obviously, you have no idea what you're doing!" Don't think I let that slide after the morning I had had. I ripped his head, and the head of his supervisor- off. O-F-F. And then to top it off, I have someone renting my home who I feel we have catered too as much as we can, who has the nerve to request that that the windows be cleaned by the company that is coming to RE-CLEAN the f***in' house at an additional $70 some-odd dollars?????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! I've had it. I'm done being nice. DONE.

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Anonymous said...

Omigosh. How horrible for you. Do not panic. We can pay for this, if other avenues don't open up.
I'm very annoyed at Dr. C's office staff for this disaster.
Just let us know.

I'm proud of you for standing up for good customer service.

Life Lesson #1397: do not rent to relatives. Plus, I feel bad for obviously not doing a good job on the house. My fault.