Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Surprising Myself...

I have spent the last two days in total right-brain-zone-out mode, which has been nice. I stayed up til 1 am last night, and then Jas had off today, so he took the kids out all day so I could focus and I've finished sewing the nursery basics: bumpers, crib skirt, window treatment and changing pad cover (which has a total last minute thing). I must say, I have completely impressed myself. Maybe it was the new sewing machine, or maybe God wanted me to have a good day: but everything came together without a hitch, and I even figured out how to make the pad cover without a pattern. All of this was cut out and cleaned up with a pair of child-sized school scissors by the way, and yes, my hand hurts like hell. BUT I'M SO HAPPY!!! Baby-land is coming together... I need a crib sheet obvisously, and a few more odds and ends, but slowly but surely, its almost finished.

I have found a new doctor, who I will be seeing next Wednesday- hope she's nice. I have heard nothing but awesome things about the hospital where I am delivering, so that has put my mind at ease too... I'll keep everyone posted on MJ's new birthday.

Funny Note- Overheard Yesterday Morning:
Jas (In a very serious voice): "Olivia, seriously, you can't listen to Hannah Montana anymore, the girl can't even spell "go"! "
(They were playing in Olivia's room and listening to Hannah Montana's song "Girls Night Out", where the lyrics are "Lets go- It's G.N.O!"- She's not spelling "go" she's saying the initials for "Girls Night Out"!...I was peeing my pants laughing at him! Especially when he came out here and told me all about it!


Anonymous said...

The Hannah Montana story had Chuck and I laughing. That is funny!! As far as the baby, I think the nesting has settled in....don't you think?? Great job!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful- I'm so proud of you! With the ruffle and everything. I like the new crib, as well. Good job, Sissy.
Super Cute, should be in a magazine, as always.

Don't forget the lock high up on the door! (Flashing back to you and Trav...)I would put NOTHING past Mr. Genius Bubs.