Wednesday, June 18, 2008

That's What You Get!

Duh, duh, dummmmm...We took Mr. Mo to the vet yesterday for his snip snip, and I have never been more nervous in my life! We even thought about sitting in the waiting room all day, but thought that might be a LITTLE much... Anyway- he's home, he's fine and is HIGH as a kite!!! BUT! On Monday we were all swimming (because its the only way not to melt when its 113 degrees outside) and Olivia and Luke were being their little fishy-selves, jumping in the pool, splashing... So Olivia gets out and gets ready to jump and who decides to jump in with her??? MO! HOLY MOLY! He just jumped right in! Now, we have put him in the pool before, but Jas has always held him, and guided him towards the steps when he had had enough- but this time he had jumped in the middle of the pool and PANICKED!!! So sweet Olivia swam over and tried to push him up over the wall where he was frantically trying to get out. She grabbed him and he really freaked and the next thing I know she is screaming, the dog is yelping and I had to get off my float (damnit!) Everyone came out running to see what had happened and we look down and Mo just about took her sweet little leg off- totally scraped up! It was awful- but honestly, nothing that an icepack and a Popsicle couldn't fix! The next day, she woke up and it looked like we had beaten her!!! And to make things worse, I had to take her to the doctor that day and didn't realize she was wearing short little shorts til we got there- I am sure Dr. DeLucca made a note to call CPS in her file- Great!

ON A GREAT HAPPY NOTE: They are putting the house we are leasing back on the market this weekend! The homeowners approved, and so we are going to start packing our stuff back up, and officially moving into Martha's to then help her pack up and then work on selling her house once Morgan has arrived, and I am back on my feet. We are hoping to be home by fall! Say a prayer for us that: a) our house leases quickly b) Morgan arrives safe and sound in July and c) Martha's house sells lickity-split!

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Anonymous said...

Ack! My poor little good-deed doing girl! Tell her Mimi said "Good Job!"
Prayers up, plus I'll send that package asap... Kudos to your house owners, that is really kind of them.
I'm doing 'Cabaret' after all- not in charge, but I'm the lead's costumer and Sandy's making me buy all the fabric, b/c she has kids's workshop for two weeks- so costume mode is ON!
Dad got the new TV, so tonight we're geeking out with 'The Fellowship of the Ring'.