Monday, June 2, 2008

The Latest...

We have spent the past two days at the Yarbroughs swimming- it has been toasty-oasty out here, and the water has finally really warmed up! SO FUN! You would all TOTALLY die if you saw the fearless Mr. Bubs and his floaties in action. He gets irate if you try and hold on to him! It took him a total of 5 minutes to figure out how to a)hold his head way up above the water to keep from getting water in his mouth, b) how to flip around from a sitting position to a floating one and c) how to kick to make himself go where he wants to go! ITS UNBELIEVABLE! Now if only he could share some of that go-getter spirit with O... She's trying to get reacquainted with the water, shall we say...

Good News: Gary has been set up with 2 hospice nurses through a great agency out here. Jason met the women who runs it and was very impressed, so I am relieved! They will be coming to help Martha with everyday things and meds, and also coming to stay with him while she gets out of the house- That's the only part I'm nervous about. He had an episode last week where he kept handing Martha the phone and telling her to "Call Anne"- he couldn't remember who she was and got scared and wanted someone he knew. But, oh! It will be so great for her spirit, though, to get out and about again! It was truly priceless today: The kids put on a dance show for Gary, with props and everything and he LOVED it! We has actually cracking up!! Wish I has taken pics!

I'm off to the docs tomorrow. I passed my glucose screening test, and things are going fine on my end. Just getting bigger, and BIGger, and BIGGER! Olivia has busted out the baby dolls- which she hasn't played with in a long time- I think the baby mood in the house is building! We asked Luke to kiss the baby doll and he did that thing where to touched his forehead to the doll's face. Then we said, "No, with your mouth, Silly!" and he licked her. Nice.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, just so you remind him there's no drowning in Arizona!
I love the photo!

Daddy got his new van today, a Ford Taurus X. We think we've probably bought about enough new stuff for a while.

Finished baby girl's afghan- very nice.

So glad Martha is set up with some help. I know having you and the kiddos there means so much to them.

Sarah is moving things back home from her apt., slowly. I guess Marge told you about her movie montage trip- sounded so great! Only Marge, right?

You may not have extensions b/c you have major surgery coming up, and they might mess up the machinery- says your mom. Sorry.