Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Birds and The Mo's

OH LORD! So anyone that has been to our home since say, February, has seen or heard about Romo's raccoon girlfriend...Well, it has been getting him a bit of trouble lately, considering he can't seem to control himself around her. We have been in talks since we got here about finding a vet ASAP to have him fixed- mostly because we didn't want Olivia to ask us what in the world he was doing! WELL! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Today we were are Martha's house and she has this HUGE stuffed animal dog- we're talking like 6 feet long- Mo goes crazy over this thing, and we usually put it in a guest room. We forgot today, and didn't think anything of it, until Olivia comes running in the office where we all were and says, "There is something reall wrong with Mo! He was doing this (and she proceeds to demonstrate by shaking her tush and do some spastic pelvic thrusts- AH! UGH! NO!) and then his peepee turned all red! He won't move!!!" So she's freaking out, we are crying laughing and freaking out, and poor Mo is just freaked out period. This was not how I invisioned my precious little O learning about the B & Bs. But of course, she knew she had gotten a rise out of all of us, so she kept asking question after question! IT WAS HORRIBLE! All I could come up with was "That's what happens to dogs when they are in love." How sad is that? He has an appointment Tuesday at 7:30 am.

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