Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adios, Anthem!

Guess who just got a phone call from our realtor saying that the Anthem house has been re-leased???? ME! Yea! We have til August first to re-pack the house back up, but I'm sure we'll have it all done by the 24th (aka Morgan Day!) If anyone wants to come by and help us pack, you are more than welcome! HA! Now I have a whole new list of things to do: withdraw O from her old school, re-enroll her out here in Cave Creek, find Bubs a preschool, etc... but do I care? Nope! Just excited to be able to help Martha here and be on our way home soon!

Sweet Olivia Moment: O overheard me on the phone to mom talking about what we could do with Gary's ashes until a decision on how to get him out to Pebble Beach has been made. When I hung up the phone, she asked me what I was talking about, and I explained in 6-year-old terms that it creeped G-Daddy out to think about being under the ground, so he wanted to be ashes, like in the fire place. I told her it made Granna sad to have those ashes in the house though, and we are trying to get them out to the golf course as soon as possible. She was quiet for a minute and then said, " I have a great idea! You should just put him in his golf bag so that he'll be all ready to play in heaven when he gets to Pebble Beach! I'm sure he'll want to use his own clubs!"


Anonymous said...

She is really the sweetest little girl in the world. That is so O.
She's getting the Auntie Marge Educational Experience at this rate, but she'll be fine. Poor you, though, filling out all those forms. Again.

I was going to buy Bubs a card, but it made me too sad to not be there on his day, so I hope he'll forgive me. No crying in the CVS, Mimi!

Costumes are going well. It turns out that during the "Money" song, Twin Chris does a flat out 2 minute ballet. It was fabulous! Especially since he's the "American buck" and is going to be wearing something Uncle Sam-ish...
This is such a fun bunch to work with.

Love, Mom

The Saras Family said...

Aw, how sweet. I can't wait until the honesty opinion of my son warrants writing on the blog!