Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MJ's 1st Public Appearance!

Olivia and I had a "Girl's Day" and she came with me to the sonogram place! The woman who did our scan was SUPER nice and took TONS of picture for us. Poor Jas had to work, but she made him a DVD, so he can watch the whole thing tonight! I just laughed and laughed at how much she looks EXACTLY like O and Bubs! The tech said she'll have lots of hair- and in one pic you can sort of see it- super black like O's I'm sure!! Everything looked great and she already weighs about 7.5 pounds- and that's with 3 more weeks to go!! What can I say, I make big ole' babies!!! Now I am getting excited again- which is nice, considering I haven't slept in like 3 days! No place or way to get comfortable anymore. As Alyshia put it: I am a "Hot Mess" literally.

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Anonymous said...

Little clone child #3- so precious!

I love the one with her hand in front of her face: 'Stop taking my picture! I'm not washed and dried yet!"
Now we will wonder what her personality will be like...
Chubbins! O, you are so funny!

your incommunicado mom

(the lead, who swore she could still get into her jr. year prom dress and I could just dye it, couldn't. Actors!*%#@&!
Bye 'til Monday, love to all!)