Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Luke Hates Michael Jeter

SO WEIRD: Ever since Luke was little, he would completely freak out and cry when Mr. Noodle came on Elmo's World. Without fail, I would know from the other room when Sesame Street was almost over because Luke would start loosing it! What's with that creepy guy???? Well- here we are a (few-ha!) years later, and we had another Michael Jeter incident.
Olivia had been watching Air Bud in thier room and had left it running. I guess Luke had come in and started watching it where she left off. I am in my room, Olivia is playing in the guest room, and Martha is in the hallway bathroom getting ready. All of a sudden we hear the most horrific scream/ cry I have ever heard and there is total commotion from the back of the house. Luke is screaming and I hear him bust through the bathroom door to get to Martha, scaring her senseless. The poor kid is SHAKING, crying and trying to tell us something. We all run to him and love on him, trying to calm him down. I go into "What the hell happened" mode and searched his body for injuries, and went back in the room to see what could have happened. And guess who's on the tv??? Damn, Mr. Noodle- only more scary and freaky as a real made up clown in thsi movie!!! He scared the ever-living-shit out of my kid!!!! Of course, there's no way Luke knew that was the same guy- but I think that's CRAZY!!! Poor Bubbies looks at me through his teary little eyes and says, "No watch back-et-ball mo-ey!". I told him of course not- NEVER AGAIN. Poor kid. For the rest of the day, everywhere we went, he told everyone he did NOT want to watch that basketball movie in his sweet little 2 year old way. How crazy is that? There should be a warning on things: "This show may contain footage of Michael Jeter."

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