Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Little Bit Biased...

I know they are mine: but our kids are the best kids in the world. Seriously. It takes being out in public, socializing with other families and just taking a moment to stop and watch them- but over the past few days I have been slapped in the face with the reality that my kids are the sweetest, funniest, smartest, little people I know. (Given, some of these features shine brighter in one kiddo over the other- ha!)
Olivia has been the through a lot these past few months and has been nothing but a dream. I think as an adult, could I handle all of the changes and events that have gone on out here with as much grace as she has? From starting a new school at the end of the year, to holding Jason and my hands during Gary's memorial service, to moving AGAIN!, and the knowledge that a new school year will start again soon- with new teachers, new faces... She has been nothing but her sweet Olivia-self- has taken everything on like a solider. She helps us do anything we ask without pouting, she has been kind to Luke- even though I know she would rather play with ANYONE but him at times, and in true- Olivia fashion, sometimes she just goes in her room and plays for hours- happy to have some time to herself- and giving us all a break from each other. I feel like at times, I don't truly appreciate how awesome a kids she is, and I feel terrible about it. And then we go to a restaurant, or to a park, and see what else is out there and I spend the rest of the afternoon in awe of her. I wonder sometime, and worry a lot, about whether or not we have spoiled her- she has never wanted for anything in her life and I know she has been over-indulged with a lot- and then I see how generous and thoughtful she is with not only her possessions, but her time and actions, that I think, maybe somewhere along the line, we've done an okay job as parents.

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Anonymous said...

Being slightly less biased- no, she really is that great. She has the same sweet, perceptive personality that makes everyone love you. And she has always been remarkably mature for her age- and you know we've always had to be careful not to expect too much of her. Nothing kind or thoughtful that she does surprises me.

She is simply the dearest little girl in the world and we can't wait for all of you to get home.