Sunday, July 6, 2008


We did absolutely NOTHING this week! Nothing fun to report! It actually rained here on the 4th, so we didn't even get to watch fireworks! (Had to settle for the ones on TV-ugh!) We did teach Bubs what the fireworks say though...Pret-ty cute!

We did pack a little last week, and I completely wore myself out- and have taken about 3 days to recover. Learned my lesson: I have to take it easy! We have set up Morgan's crib and changing table in our room here, which is getting us all in the "Baby Mood", and will work a little more this week on bringing over all the baby paraphanelia, so we can work on getting Mo used to staying clear of them. One problem we didn't anticipate: I walked into my room the other day, and guess who I found clinging to the side of the crib with one little leg hiked over the side??? We had a serious C.T.J. and nipped that right then and there! He now constantly asks to "Wat Mer-gon" ever since I showed Jas the DVD of the sonogram. Funny thing is: he watches it until the 4D pictures come up (there's over 100 photos on there of boring stuff like leg measurements and amniotic fluid shots too)and when her pictures come up he say "See Mer-gon"! Too cute (if he only knew what was really going on...or does he???!)


Anonymous said...

Bubbins, why are you so handsome? And a genius, too.
Hook and eye on the door- I'm tellin' ya.

Tech week is almost over. Sunday was awful, so bad that the guy lead brought me a little box of Russel Stover's last night- "You seemed a little stressed, have some chocolate." So sweet.
Last night was MUCH better- I just have about a thousand tiny things to do today, but Sarah might help me.

Dad, who is the best (brother, dad, husband, etc.) has to go to Pat's again to deal with the exterminator. Saturday, he's flying to Austin to drive Marge's stuff here in a truck.
And put it in a storage thingie, but I can help do that.

Can't wait to see all of you.
Love, Mom

Machiavelli's Daughter said...

He is far too cute. Your brother misses y'all. I get the feeling he doesn't pass that along very often. : (