Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today is Morgan's One Week Old birthday- and she has already changed so much since we brought her home on Sunday! She had her first visit with precious Dr. DeLucca, and he said she was pretty much perfect (as if we didn't already know that-ha!) She has already gained back her birth weight and then some- little chunk is now over 8 pounds! She eats like a horse, so its no wonder! I know I will jinx myself by writing this, but she is a great sleeper- only waking up twice during the night- which I can totally handle! She is really perking up and its so fun to just sit there and stare at her- we are all totally in love!!
Aunt Margaret and her friend Davy stopped by yesterday on their way back from California and we all had a great time visiting and catching up! Luke (my little "mans' man") was instantly taken by Davy and stalked him to no end- even had a little meltdown when he couldn't go into the bathroom with him!! His admiration went so far as when Davy was holding Morgan, Luke told him "Make Morgan go nigh-nigh"- his way of saying "Get rid of her!" So cute and funny! He entertained everyone with his fabulous Lukie-Dancing (which I still promise to get on video and post on here soon!)
Luke had an Open House at his new preschool today, which MiMi took him to, so I'll be anxious to hear how it went when they get home. Both he and O start school next Thursday if you can believe it! So this next week will be full of organizing, back to school shopping and trying to get on some sort of a schedule after this free-for-all of a summer! We can't wait to find out who Miss O has for 1st grade- everyone say a prayer that she'll be someone nice and sweet!!!

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Anonymous said...

She is SO beautiful! Is she laying on her very own "Bun"????????????????????? What a lovely crotch-it blanket :)