Thursday, July 17, 2008

...totally gross, but totally works!

Don't ask me how this all started, but we have found that the only way to get Luke to eat ANYTHING is to tell him its a character that he loves. Chicken nuggets are Barney. Pasta is Bob the Builder...and of course, fish is Nemo. You know you're desperate when you'll sit at the table and say things like, "Ooooh! Wow- Barney tastes so yummy!" or "Come on, eat Bob up!" EEWW! Well... Monday was Martha and Gary's 40th wedding anniversary, and he loved eating at Pappadeaux (which is where he had is last official meal before gave up eating real food when it became to hard to swallow without choking too). So we all decided to take one for the team and actually go out to eat with Luke. To our surprise the was an absolute ANGEL!!?!! (Which only confirms my theroy that Luke and G-Daddy hang out all day in a Sixth Sense kind of way, and he was behaving because Gary was around.) He was eating and being cute and sweet and he had about 3 bites of catfish left. So Granna picked up a piece and had it swimming towards him and said, "Here's Nemo. Yummmy! Luuu-kkke, Neemmmooo's calling!" And she put the piece on his plate. Luke looks at the fish, looks at her kind of funny, and then puts the piece of catfish to his ear and says, "Hello?"
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I almost fell out of my chair! We all laughed so hard I thought they were going to ask us to leave. And for some reason when I'm pregnant, and only then, if I start laughing too hard I burst into tears at the same time. Crazy hormones! So I looked like a total psycho! But, moments like that save his life. Seriously.

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