Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lots of "Firsts"

Went to the doctors today- nothing new to report. I have been having TERRIBLE Braxton-Hicks, but they have done nothing for me... Oh, well. Dr. Zhang has asked that I kindly keep Morgan in until the 24th, just to be sure she's nice and cooked. (Damn.) After the sad, sad news of two more weeks to go, we gals decided that pedicures were in order. IT WAS SO NICE! We dropped off Bubs with Jas and we all had 45 minutes of nice peace and quiet. Olivia was the star of the salon and the women gave her the prettiest fingers and toes- O LOVED IT!!!

We realized that that was her first official trip to the "Beauty Salon" and then we started thinking about all of the great "Firsts" she's done this summer...Namely:

Getting her first pair of REAL DEAL girly golf clubs!!! Sweet "Uncle" Randy just so happens to work at the Sports Authority out here, and all Jas had to do was call him, and he found Miss O the greatest set of PURPLE golf clubs you have ever seen. She and Jas went out and hit balls all afternoon, and she acutally hit her driver 75 yards!!! We are going to start her intense training ASAP and will be homeschooling her so she can devote all her spare time to the game! Maybe she can make a million or two and take care of us all! HA! (We just about peed out pants when we looked at the box- there is a little Asian girl on there with her father hovering over her as she hits her driver!! Jas has always talked about how looney-tunes some of the Asian parents are before, during and after lessons he used to give!) Olivia's friend Ashton is back from Arkansas, so she is coming over tomorrow to spend the night! We both could not be happier- poor O is sooooooooooooooo lonely! I hope she can make some sweet friends when school starts! Now, if we could just find somewhere for the Bubs to go... we all need a break from his madness...("WannawatchBob!Uh-huh!NoBob!WannawatchBarney!Uh-huh!Bunnywhop!WantBunnywhop!NOjuice!NO!Bunnywhop!!!"...Lord, if he wasn't so cute...

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Anonymous said...

Remember "their parents beat them if they go to prom"?

So cute with her golf clubs.
Opening Night, yay!