Friday, January 2, 2009

Ashton, You Can Come Out Now...

I have been looking around for the cameras.

I have been trying to figure out which one of my many celebrity friends put me up to it.

I am waiting for Dax to come around the corner and hand me a big bottle of Tide with a touch of Downy softness.


Because the only thing I can figure out is that I am being PUNK'D!

I spent most of yesterday trying to tidy up the house as much as one can with three small children a week after Christmas, and every time I went into another room I could not believe my eyes. I went into the kid's bathroom and saw this:

I swear on everything holy- this wasn't there the day before! This clothes explosion busted the lid right off the hamper! How is this possible. So I am frustrated- because I DO NOT keep house like this, so I head for the laundry room to get a laundry basket to contain this disaster and as I open the doors I am knocked over by these:TWO MORE full laundry baskets?!?!? And the big one on the left is ONLY for clean clothes that I promptly fold on top of the washer once they are in the basket- So I know I didn't do this! UGH! So I transfer the dirty clothes from there to the the square one, and open the washer to put those clothes in the dryer and find this:ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!? Where is all of this coming from- seeing as how every closet and drawer in our house is full of every one's clothes- I know because I have been picking up and putting away all day- I am freaking out. So I feverishly fold these clothes and take them upstairs, and as I am opening the linen closet to put some towels away I am bowled over by this:

And the photos doesn't even do it justice!! These clothes are piled so high that they are filling the first shelf in there, you can't even see it! I don't know what to do. Other than laugh. Because somewhere, someone has played a very mean trick on me. Someone must have taken everyone's clothes on the block and stratigically planted them in our house just to make me crazy.

So, okay. Where is the camera- where do I need to look to say it?

"I've been punk'd!"

Now, will someone please come help me fold all this? I would like to do something fun sometime this week, ...this month! Seriously. There can be drinking involved. It might be the only way I don't have a complete meltdown over the whole situation. help.


The Saras Family said...

I feel ya sister. we left after opening presents Christmas morning and I haven't been home yet. so there is still wrappigs on the floor, presents scattered everywhere, laundry in the suitcases, totally packed car...dreading the mess. Sushi and drinks sound good to me. What about you? Last time we had so much fun.

4Hoffman's said...

I could use a drink myself! Girls night anyone???

Natalie said...

seriously... i think you took your pictures in my house!

Heather of the EO said...

I had the same day yesterday...weird. laundry was multiplying all over the place and I was having little panic attacks while being swallowed. ew.

Came over from We are THAT family. Nice to meet you!

Lucrecia said...

So THAT is what keeps happening to me! I guess they never catch me because I just run screaming from the house rather than tackle the mess!

Heather said...

I swear laundry grows legs and moves. As soon as I clean it and put it in it's respective place and somehow ends right back in the laundry hamper!

mommy4life said...

We have four children and I started to panic when I saw your post. Because I wondered, when did someone sneak in my house to take these pics! I love your blog! Thanks for sharing!