Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Hello, Lover"

As we all know: I. Love. To. Clean. I hate it. But I love it. I could be bleeding out my eyeballs, but if there are crumbs lurking under the toaster, or toothpaste- spit spots on the mirror, you know I am going to pull out one of my many favorite cleaning products and clean them real quick, and then seek medical attention. (God forbid the paramedics show up and find a mess!)

So, I had a moment the other day. A total Sex-in-The-City-Carrie-Bradshaw-Manolo-Blahnik-"Hello, Lover"- moment. I found this new product. And, yes, it may have been on the market for awhile, but I am Old School and usually just go for what I know, and never noticed it before. We have two stories in the house we are currently leasing, and I am sick of schleping my cleaning stuff all over the place, so I have been stocking both bathrooms, the laundry room and the kitchen with all of their own "stuff." One issue I've been having upstairs is the old peanut butter, but no jelly. Kool-Aid, but no sugar. Windex, but no paper towels.... Well, whoahoho! NotANYMORE!!!!!

Remember that day a few weeks ago when I DID NOT spend hours wandering around Kroger's by myself, just 'cause I could? Well, on that particular day I did not happen to spend waaaaay too much time checking out the cleaning products. I was actually searching for Lysol spray (this was right after the Stomach Bug of '08) and couldn't find any, but by the grace of God, I found this!
These little guys are genius! Genius, I tell you!!! Why didn't I think of this???? I insist you all go out and buy these as soon as physically possible! And in honor of my new favorite find, I thought I'd share my...
Top 5 Must Have Cleaning Favs!
5.) Microfiber Mop. Its okay if you get a ghetto one, like me, as long as you get one.
4.) Swiffer SweeperVac. Changed my life when we had wood floors. XOXOXO
3.) ReNuzit Super Odor Neutralizer Spray- After The Rain Scent. OMG. The Greatest. Doesn't really smell like anything, but gets rid of the smell of ANYTHING!!!
2.) Arm and Hammer Detergent With Fabric Softner- the one with the pink lid. Costs nothing. Smells like a million. (Especially when paired with Gain dryer sheets.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.)
1.) Soft Scrub With Bleach. I think I own 5 bottles of every kind. Seriously.

This is terrible...has it really come to this? A cleaning product post??? What can I say? I love what I love...


mommy4life said...

Windex wipes, Soft Scrub, Baking Soda and Vinegar.....My cleaning arsenal....

Jilly Id said...

You're singing to the choir here. I love/hate cleaning too but would rather clean than have any dust, crumbs, ect. I also swear by the Lysol Disinfecting Wipes. I use them all the time for the counter tops, doorknobs, fridge door handle, light switches and especially in the bathroom. lol You get my drift. Germs - get out!
I've been debating about the Swiffer SweeperVac and you've sold me. I've been sweeping first then Dustbusting then using the Swiffer dust mop but it's such a process.
Also I always store the wipes type containers upside down and it keeps them from losing any of their moisture.
How's your Margaret doing? Are things getting any better?
Smiles, Jilly

Anonymous said...

Method Furniture Polish. So your house will smell like original scent Jergens lotion.

Also, microfiber is teh bomb. I'm up to about half and half microfiber cloths and old dishtowels, etc. The built-in scrubbiness lets you use way less cleaning solution, or even plain water.
Marge said her first day at the job went well, in spite of ice. The felt she ordered came in and she may come out this weekend, to look through my craft stuff. Such as it is...