Sunday, January 4, 2009

Guess What?!?

And I thought my 15 minutes of fame would be my MTV Spring Break '98 '12 Angry Viewers' appearance! (Nothing says "riveting TV" like a bunch of girls sitting in a hot tub talking about hunky guys in videos! I die.)

Well! Not anymore! I am geeking-out excited honored to be an official member of We Are THAT Family's "THAT Family Tree Society". I guess we are a big enough mess so adorable that we made the cut. Please go check out her precious blog and her sweet family! And they are Texans to boot!


Kasey said...

Congrats! What cute kids you have.

Grateful for Grace said...

Found you via We are THAT Family and I wanted to come share...
I started my blog when we found out we were pregnant with (surprise) #6 AND my mom had ALS and everyone wanted to be kept up to date. It really helped me to not have to send out sad emails about how mom was declining, but could instead share our whole lives. That way there was some joy too. Anyway, my mom died a year ago on the 25th. ALS is an awful disease. I hope your FIL went peacefully and did not suffer much. I think it's truly wonderful that you all moved to be near him.