Monday, December 29, 2008

Easy Bake This!

Oh, Easy Bake Oven
Why did thee,
Promise My 6 Year Old
Hour of pure baking glee?

You take so damn long
To get toasty and hot,
One lightbulb for cooking?
A great idea- NOT!

Fifteen minutes later
In the bowl went the mix
We added drops of water-
Twas pretty easy to fix.

Filled your little shiny pan
Full of rich chocolate goo.
How the cake would taste,
Well, we hadn't a clue...

With the long yellow poker
Into the oven it goes,
ANOTHER 15 minutes!
I start to turn up my nose.

Off goes Miss O
With her little play mate.
These girls are too busy-
They don't want to wait.

Ding! goes the timer
Its finally finished! Amen!
Ha, ha!-Who'm I kidding?
They'll have to wait AGAIN!

By this time they have lost
All the excitment they had
I surely don't blame them,
This thing's made me mad!

Cakes cooled for 10 minutes
Come on now- Lets DECORATE!
What?!?!? TWO bowls to make icing!
Now I'm getting irate!

The fun poke-y tool
Did make cute little waves,
Their cake looked professional
Even "Martha" would rave!

I cut the sweet little cake-
They each got Ah piece
30 minutes for one bite??
Are you kidding, me? Sheesh!

Away ran my bakers,
I'm sure you know the rest.
It was me: Mommy Dearest
Who got to clean up THE MESS!


The Saras Family said...

too funny. easy bake my...well you know.

Machiavelli's Daughter said...

That was so cute! I had no idea you were a poet. : )

Anonymous said...

This is so funny! Mine worked faster, in 1959, but was probably very, very unsafe.

I read this, then went to the Donut Palace for coffee and they had that exact same cake on the calendar. Bigger, of course.

I checked on your baby sister before my walk this morning. She opened her eyes briefly, smiled and said "Hydrocodone is nice."

What a cute photo of Ni and Nat- those toothless little rascals.


4Hoffman's said...

That is adorable!!

Natalie said...

great poem! i am laughing out loud!!!

found you from THAT family! I live in DFW too.

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

LOL--_Hysterical. We have an easy bake oven too and I sooo want to donate it.

Em said...

Very cute... my daughter took one bite of her first Easy Bake creation and said "Ugh... I think it's rotten" No dear, it's just how stuff tastes when you cook it with a lightbulb. We got three new mixes for Christmas too, thanks grandma & grandpa ;)