Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Santa...

Our sweet Miss O was kind enough to pen every one's Christmas lists for them. Including the dogs. I was cooking while she was doing this and she left them on my desk when she was done, so I didn't really get to read them until last night. Nothing is cuter than her (inherited) creative spelling and the items she felt everyone needed. She did not feel the need to ASK anyone what they wanted. I guess she assumed she knew them all well enough. Have a peek (you'll have to click and enlarge them so you can really read them...)

1,000 Points if you guess one correctly for each "kid"!

Sorry, Bubs, number 4 is not gonna happen. We don't believe in giving highly addictive drugs for Christmas...
If you are a fairly new Mommy, you might get this one:

She added the top item last minute yesterday... Was feeling a little left out from the "boys"...

Will you please take a moment to notice how polite my child is: A "thak you" at the end of every list!! Please also take a moment to notice the slight kiss-up advantage she gave herself by adding not only an exclamation point, but a heart next to the "thak you" on her own letter. Hhhmmmm...

If Jason is feeling up to it after his 9th trip to the dentist this month, we might mosey over and see the old guy this afternoon. Should be fun!


Anonymous said...

Well, this isn't exactly fair, b/c we'd already discussed the Easy Bake oven in great detail.

Is there a 'Thomas Airport'? For the helicopter guy, I guess.

Burp set?

And yes, Mowie needs more rats.


therauschfamily said...

Morgan: A bumbo chair
Oliva: a pink Romo jersey
Luke: Thomas push trains and a Thomas air port (trains need air ports)

love it!