Thursday, December 11, 2008

Warning To All Mommies...

See this:

This is what happens to Mommies who turn their backs for 2 seconds to search a rack for earmuffs that their oldest child requested that morning while letting their two year old who loves to zip zippers stand in the back of the shopping cart and reach a liiiiitle too far to zip a zipper on a red velor hoodie that was calling his name.

This is what happens when you turn your back for 2 seconds and the precious head that you so lovingly grew in your belly for 9 months meets the metal rack on the floor of the Wal-mart and all you can think to do is get ice ICE!!! and you run to the frozen food section and grab a bag of peas to put on that precious head while you are quickly loosing all sense of time and direction and you have to call your best friend to tell you where to go after you have abandoned your cart of groceries (but remembered to grab the baby) and are are hauling ass down the street going nowhere while your child is alternating screaming and passing out while you are crying in panic.

This is what happens when you turn your back for 2 seconds and end up spending the morning in the ER, having to tell the story of how you let your child stand in the back of the cart unsupervised for 2 seconds! so they fell and ended up with a baseball sized contusion to everyone that comes in to check him out while they are trying not to make the "Holy, shit!" face, even the sweet CAT scan guy that then makes you hold down your already upset child while they stick him in the very big and scary machine to ensure that his brain is not bleeding and you then wait for an hour to get the results freaking out every time he moves or turns on the gurney for fear of him falling again.

Oh, Mommies, have I learned my lesson. How I feel like 2 cents for every time I have said to myself, "Geez, that lady needs to watch her kid!" as they are leaning over or sitting on the edge of a shopping cart. Today, I was that lady. Let this be a lesson to us all- it takes 2 seconds for something horrific and scary to happen. I have learned mine and am hoping my heart will start beating normally again sometime soon.

P.S. Thanks Lysh. I would still be driving down Preston if it weren't for you.


Anonymous said...

OMG! You're right- it IS fifteen times worse than last time!
Poor all of you- I'm SO sorry you had to go through that.
But I'm proud of you for putting this out there to warn other Mommies.
I'm assuming it's trauma and Baby Vicodin giving him that glazed expression?
I can ditch Metrocrest if you really need me.

Thank you, Lysh! {hugs} You are a friend indeed.

4Hoffman's said...

Poor Baby! Hugs to you! Madison fell out of the shopping cart at Fry's more than a year ago and had the most horrific black eye you have ever seen! It last like 6 weeks and every where we went people looked at me like I beat my child! UGH! He will be good as new soon!

Anonymous said...

Anne, OHHH HOW TRAUMATIC! I just showed the picture to William and told him, this is why you cannot stand up in the cart! He looked and said, oh so seriously, "I won't!" How is Luke feeling? That had to be some major stress for you. I hope you all are doing better!--Jen