Thursday, September 18, 2008

Say whhhaat?!?!?

I have been noticing lately that we really say some of the WEIRDEST sentences throughout the day thanks to our children. Things that if they were overheard by some random person, they would think we were nuts...for example (and I give bonus points if you can figure out if Jas or I said it):

"Well look! There's a little chicken in your fast shoes!"
"No. More. DOTS!"
"My blue snail doesn't want to be yellow!"
"Where is there not "sexy dancing"?!?"
"That's not real Bob, that's Gay Bob"
"I'm going to smush your animals in the closet"
"You can't have a treat pock-a-wah, you had a purple one already"
"I put white whop in Nemo, no more Bunny Whop!"
" I can't find the guinea pigs, do you have the octopus?"

Seriously. Has it come to this? Sentences that make no sense to the outside world??? And Jason is the worst! He says some of the craziest, silliest things- and always at the most inappropriate times, of course. I know I talk about everyone else's shinanigans, but I would like to take a minute and love on my husband. I know you all think he's this shy, quiet guy but OH! how he has you fooled! He makes me laugh about 100 times a day- and not just by the things he say, but the things he does! Did you know:
He laughs hysterically at America's Funniest Home Videos?
He gets on the little stage in the Barnes and Noble kid section and tap dances?
He tries to be sexy and quotes the men from Days Of Our Lives in a silly husky voice?
He starts almost every story with "I thought I was on Candid Camera!"? (And honestly- the funniest, most random things ALWAYS happen to him!)
It never ends. And to top it off, when he's the one doing the laughing he sounds like the Count from Seasame Street, which is totally endearing. Thank goodness. I just love him... And my kids that make us say those insane things.

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4Hoffman's said...

Love your blog! Too cute! And I totally understand with kid language and the crazy things you find yourself saying!! Would love to see you all when ya'll make it back to town!!