Saturday, January 22, 2011

Royal Flush

Its that time again. The time I dread.
Potty-training time.
I started last November and then gave up.

I hate potty training. HATE. IT. It tests my patience to no end and makes me grouchy. I remind myself that I will get through it, and that no one goes to college in a diaper, but I haaaaaate it.

And it doesn't help that Morgan Jane is a toot and has NO desire to participate in this activity. When presented with the choice of Mickey Mouse diapers or the chance to wear Princess Pull-Ups if she sits on the potty, she is seriously tempted- but in the end goes for Mickey everytime.

So I got tough. And made her sit on there, only to realize that we potty we had was NOT comfy. At all. I wouldn't want to sit there for hours on end (Just kidding- I give up after about 5 minutes!) either.

So guess what Bubs and I saw the last time we were at the 'Mart??? I stinkin' Princess Potty: complete with coushy seat!!! After much convincing- Jas went and got it for her!!

Look at the joy! Look at the excitment!
She checkout out the soft pink seat!
She tried out the beautiful twinkling flushing sound!
She even tried it out!!

So, out of respect for Fan Target, who threatened to quit reading my blog if I wrote one more post about Luke pottytraining, this will be the end of this topic.

Wish us

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Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

FIngers crossed that pink is the answer!!!