Sunday, January 16, 2011

Say Hello To My Little Friend

My mom is the best. After letting me borrow her sewing machine for weeks on end because mine had finally started to poop out, she gifted me this guy for Christmas:
That's right: Its a Brother SE-400!

Holy Moly! I read the entire user's manual from cover to cover. Three times. It totally spoils me: Threads itself, cuts its own tread- and tells me if my bobbin is running low!, has programmable back-stitches, I can control stitch types and their widths with a push of a button!!

And speaking of buttons: the thing can sew by itself!

 (I have tried this feature, but it made me nervous: kinda tricky to reach up and punch the stop button when you are using both hands to feed the fabric. I think I am just an old-school pedal kinda gal...)

And the best part of this machine? My new addiction???? EMBROIDERY!!! Yes. I'm not kidding. This things can embroider, and not only does it have a bunch of images and fonts already store on there, I can download them from my computer to my machine and go to town! Check out this cute Valentine heart and monogram set I bought off Etsy! I was able to embroider a cute top for Morgan Jane and one is in the works for our sweet friend, Hannie-girl....
WooHoo!! If its fabric, and not attached to something, I have pretty much put a name or monogram on it within the past week! Its just TOO EASY!!!

I am in l.o.v.e.

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Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

Lucky you....and I can totally understand your enthusiasm for the machine. After 30 years working on the same sewing machine, my mom was like a little girl getting her first doll....a new fancy shmancy machine that sounds a whole lot like your new one!! She got it for Christmas. If you're anything like her, you'll walk by and drool a little every time!! Have a wonderful, creative time. I sure wish we lived closer!