Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Dramatic Actress

Morgan Jane is always super happy to go to school. She just goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and gets so excited on the mornings when she sees me pull out her Dora lunchbox and her nap mat on those mornings, as she then knows its her day to go. She goes to the same school as Luke, and its the most precious, fabulous school. Ever.

But what has baffled us to no end is the fact that while she may run up the stairs and then skip down the hall, the minute she steps foot in the door she gets all weepy-introvert-y and head straight for the teacher. Sweet Ms. A always scoops her up and hugs on her as I hang up her bag and tell her "bye". I knew she wanted to go, I know she loves her teacher and her "fwends", so this never made any sense to us! Then it was around October when we found out that she doesn't talk at school. Not one. single. word. This kid talks ALL DAY- and she is hilarious with her expressions and seriousness sometimes! So again, we are baffled. What in the world!?! I would notice over the next few months that Morgan would tell me that she had cried at lunch, and that she sat with her teachers, but thought nothing of it really.

Well. This week I picked her up and the substitute teacher was hugging her, snuggling her- she said she was crying when she woke up and so she had been holding her. On the way home, I asked Morgan Jane what was up with all the crying?!!?

"We don't cry at school. You love school. You love Ms. A and all of your friends. Big girls don't cry at school all day," I told her. 
"When I cry, they hold me," she said back, so nonchalantly.
Oh really....

I told Jas what she had said and we both were like, "Wait a second, you don't thinks she..?" And we went to hunt her down. I asked her in front of him, "Morgan Jane, what happens when you cry at school?" And she just looked up at him and said, "Ms. A hold me. I cry like this, 'whawawah' and Ms. A hold me." Are. YOU. SERIOUS!??! This kid figured out really quick that she could get these women to hold her at drop-off, circle time, lunch time, nap time and dismissal if she just busted out crying every now and then. And I think she did it so systematically that they never really caught on to what she was doing. Un.believable.

So next Tuesday, we have the honor of letting her sweet teachers know: They have been played. Morgan Jane strikes again.