Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Luke wore a plaid, button down shirt the other day. So did I.
And leave it to Morgan Jane to point out we were "Matchers!!!" (ala Diary Of  A Wimpy Kid)

We had taken this pic of Jas and Bubs the other day as we were headed out to take him to school- they looked so cute! And I guess Morgan Jane thought it was hilarious. Mostly because we kept yelling "Matchers" every 5 seconds.

So I was sitting here on the computer with Luke in my lap, and she came up to me and said, "Mommy and Luke matchers. You take a picture and say 'matchers' okay?" Okay, I said and took out the camera to snap a quick shot of Luke and I by myself.

"No, no,no... I do it." Uh-oh.

But she was acting like such a big girl, so proud of herself for noticing and thinking that our shirts were worthy of "matchers"-ness, so I let her.