Saturday, January 2, 2010

Magic Kingdom!

So! The second park day, we all decided to get up extra early to take advantage of the early hours the park has for resort guests. We got there right as it opened at 8am and made our way back to Fantasy Land, but not before a little meet and greet with Daisy. Morgan was so excited that we let her out of the stroller for this one.

And of course, we had to take some ceremonal pics in front of the castle.
Morgan is sooooooo mad we made her get back in the stroller!

I took the little kids played in Minnie's House. I loved that Luke knew that this was her sewing machine (her craft room rocked, by the way!) and he then sat right down and pretended to sew! He's so cute! 

While we were in there, my dare-devil Miss O rode the Goofy coaster- I was so impressed with her sudden burst of bravery! We spent most of the morning just riding any and everything the kids wanted to.
We ran into Alice and the White Rabbit, and again- guess who went nutso? Yup! This time she was so excited, that she just sat down on the ground and did that arms-and-legs-tense-up-with-joy-kinda-thing. They thought she was so silly.

When it was lunch time, we were headed for Liberty Square and got caught in the road cut-off for the Christmas parade- and I'm so glad we did! We had an awesome view of the entire parade from beginning to end and the kids LOVED it. Morgan Jane, as always, kept yelling, "Look, look!" and clapping. It was awesome. We had lunch and everyone promply fell apart: Tear City. Luke kept asking to go home, to go to the hotel, to go anywhere that wasn't there. It was time to head home.

We came back later that night- and it was like a whole new park!

We grabed the train to Frontier Land and Jas and Miss O rode Splash Mountian. I sat waiting for them to come out of the ride, fully expecting to find a soaking wet, sobbing, scared Miss O. I was worried that ride was going to be a little much for her, but she was so excited (and dry, shockingly) when they came off. I am so proud of her for adding a little adventure in her life! We then checked out the Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean. Luke screamed and cried as we waited in line and boarded for each of them. He was having the worst time. He sat and waited with Granna while Jas, O and I rode Aladin's Magic Carpets, and I was once again reminded of what an absolute "L7 Weeeee-nie", I am. Olivia kept making the ride go up and down and up and down and up and down... I thought I was going to die. Jas keeps making fun of me, for yelling at her: "As your mother, I am telling you to STOP. DOING. THAT!" Oh, I was sooooo miserable. I prefer to be on the ground, thankyouverymuch. "E" for effort, right?...

We headed back for one last round of Fantasy Land fun, and the kids rode the coaster some more, checked out Mickey's house and we caught the castle fire-work show. Then, as a grand finale of the night, we woke up Morgan and we all rode "Its A Small World." Morgan freaked out! She kept yelling, "Babies, babies!!!" and trying to reach out and grab all the robots. She would hold up her hands like she wanted to hold them. It was so cute! Everyone loved it, and I loved that this classic ride was the one that all nine of us experienced together. It was a great way to end the day.

more giraffes... there were EVERYWHERE....ahhh.... :0)


The Saras Family said...

i love how much fun you are having with you family! Part of me cant wait for my babies to be big enough for that too! I think H would cry the entire time right now...he's scared of everything. This morning I figured out he is afraid of the top of a whip cream

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

So you can handle the airplanes and Jas can handle the rides, is that how it works :-)?!! That castle is just as breathtaking 2 months later! Didn't it give you tinglies when it lit up all beautifully?! And little Morgan is very cute sittin' on the ground!