Sunday, January 3, 2010

Disney Downfall...

On our last park day, we headed to Animal Kingdom. After a late night the night before, we decided to sleep in and take our time getting up and at 'em. Yea... not such a good idea. When we got there, I have never seen so many people in such a small space. It was completely overwhelming. And instantly Luke started asking to go home. Over and over. We told him to just sit in the stroller and hang in there. We knew we wanted to do the safari, so we pushed and shoved quickly walked to Africa to grab our fast pases. Then we zipped over to the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, and hoped the calm pace would pacify Luke.

(Notice his security blanket, a.k.a. "bunny", is premanently strapped to his body at this point)

He enjoyed taking pictures of people's feet and tushies the animals, and Jas was able to carry him around when he needed it. But, again, once we got out of the trail, he melted down again. It was too much for him, so we headed out of Africa and by the time we got close to the front again, he had buried his head in his blanket and looked like he was going to pass out. It was enough. We decided he needed to get out of there. Again, sweet Granna took him home- she didn't like the crowds anymore than Luke did. Olivia and I had decided early on that we wanted to check out the Lion King show, so we headed that way so we could catch a performance before our safari time. Jas and Morgan Jane joined us and it was so great! Everyone loved it- we had no idea what to expect and it blew us away!
Again with the giraffes!... :0)


When it was over, we met up with Jon, Jen and B and boarded the safari bus. It was so great- we really felt like we were out in the savannah! Jas was our National Geographic photographer, while I kept Morgan from leaping out of the bus!

oh. my. gosh... my skin was craw-ling...blahahaa

But poor Miss O, she didn't realize that the recorded converstation with our driver and the pretend dispatcher wasn't real! She started to get a little freaked out when we headed out to chase the "poachers".  She was a little frazzled when we got off, bless her heart. After the sarafi, we headed home because we were all supposed to meet up with Jas' aunt, uncle and cousins for dinner. We stopped by the Tree Of Life first, just to have a quiet minute with Miss O, seeing how many animals we could pick out. It was a nice way to end the day.

When we got home, we found out Luke was still asleep. He had slept all day. Not knowing if he was sick, or worn-out, or broken... I decided to stay at the hotel with him, while they went to eat. And sure enough, he didn't budge from the bed. He watched a movie, had some room service (all while wearing his ears mind you!) and went to bed around 9pm.
Here's Bubs checking out the bill for his $10! PB&J...

I wasn't sure of our plans for the next day, so I spent the evening sorting dirty clothes, repacking suitcases, laying out clothes and packing our park bag for the next day, just in case.... Thank goodness I did, because we had not idea what drama was waiting for us the next morning...

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