Sunday, December 6, 2009

Polar Express

Granna's is in town!!! So we all had a little family time, threw on 3 layers of clothes and went to ride on the Polar Express. I don't think my kids have ever seen the movie,were just super excited to get to ride a real, honest-to-goodness, train!
Everyone rushing to catch the train...They had a little show, with singers and dancing, and then when we were deemed "full of Christmas spirit" by the conductor, we were able to walk through a Christmas tree-lined walk way- complete with a snow machine- to the train! Morgan HATED the "snow". Hated. It. She started screaming. loudly. Uh-oh.

But she was fine by the time we got in there. It was cute inside- they had hung garland from all of the luggage racks and there were ornaments everywhere. There was even a huge Christmas tree at the end of our car.
The ride started, there was music playing and then someone read Twas The Night Before Christmas over the loud speaker. We just enjoyed the ride and being on a real, honest-to-goodness, train! Then they started to play "Santa Claus is Coming To Town". Now, before this has started the lady on the loud speaker said something along the times of "Parents: Listen and you'll understand." Well, this went right over my head- Duh,duh, duh... I just about jumped when I looked up and guess who was there? The big guy in the flesh. We were in the back(? front?) of the train, so we were the first ones he greeted. He was SO NICE! He was super patient and took time to talk to everyone, young and old, on the train!
Saying "Hi" To Miss O!

Saying "Hi" To B!I always get the best pics of Miss O and Santa! I think its because she's such a believer!Morgan Jane and Luke didn't know what to think about this...Luke WOULD NOT make eye-contact with him!I love this picture of her. She gave him this face as he greeted the next aisle. Then she looked right at me and I held my breath, unsure if she was going to cry or laugh...

Thank goodness she liked him! She stood on Jason's lap facing backwards, watching him greet the rest of the passengers. When he made his way back up the row, she kept saying, "Wow!"and telling him "Hi!" This gives me great hope that maybe we can get another pretty good pic with Santa like last year.

All in all, even with the cold and rain, we had a fun time! This was the first day of Morgan's life that she hasn't had a nap. She was so good, such a trooper, even at lunch.But this was her at 5 o'clock:I know my mom says, "only drunks sleep in their clothes"... but so do exhausted 16 months old sometimes... Night!


The Saras Family said...

where in the world is the polar express??? My son must see this!

Oh and I love love love how not to forget Luke....if I could underline in the comments section. I would.

Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun!
I love the photo of Martha and Morgan- so sweet!
Cautious Luke and Sceptical Morgan crack me up... you just never know with her. O and Santa always do take the best photos.

Did Marge tell you the story about the cat lady? I can't wait to see you all back together, at least for a few days.

4Hoffman's said...

That sounds like so much fun! You must post the details on the where/how?? I know mine would love it too!