Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Ole Miss O

Because she's a stinkin' genius and should be one of those adorable kids on the Microsoft commercials, I was able to teach Olivia how to use Microsoft Publisher- my favorite program in the world (because I am not a genius and Photoshop hurts my brain.) She comes up with the most random, yet hilarious things while fooling around on there. She has made invitations to a private concert that was held in our living room.

She made this random sign that she hung on the fridge the other day...
HUH?!?!? Ha!

But the best thing I have seen from her is this card for my 30th Birthday Pity Party.
She cracks me up.


Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

Never thought the day would come that my kids know more about the computer than me, but I think the day is almost here....that is a VERY cute card she made for you. I bet that went in the keep forever stack!

Anonymous said...

HA! Hilarious!
I saw that on your fridge the other day and thought it was a weird thing to send home from school.........

4Hoffman's said...

That is too fun!! Love the b-day card she made you! And now I am going to have to look into this Microsoft Publisher...sounds like something I should be playing with too!

Anonymous said...

She is teh best!
"Bullies and Bulldogs"- it's like a Zen koan.
And the birthday card... The juxtaposition of the sweet sentiment vs. the reality: a)you're not OLD (trust me) and b) the years you've shared together (all 7 of them)- I'm tearing up and cracking up at the same time.

These will be so precious later on.


angela | the painted house said...

$0! That's a steal! So cute.

Your "official date outfit" comment cracked me up! Ain't it the truth. Thanks for stopping by!