Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

I take comfort in the fact that the following has probobly happened to MckMamma... Scoot over and check out her Not Me Mondays and see what other things she and everyone else haven't done this week...

I did not turn 30 today.


Not me.

Februray 16, 1979 was just an ordinary day. Nothing of importance... Carry on.


Anonymous said...

So, today is your birthday, that is what I've been told. What a wonderful birthday, you are 30 years old! On the cake there'll be candles all lighted for you, and the whole world is singing Happy Birthday to you!
--That is the birthday song we used to sing in my elemetary school--a long long time ago!! Welcome to the 30s club--yippee--Jen Chuck Lily and William

Anonymous said...

Not too ordinary for me- the day you backed into the world...
We are so proud of you- your creativity and great skills with people and common sense and striving for excellence (only don't strive too hard- and we love you so much!
Thanks for putting up with your eccentric family all these years!
(oh, and thanks for the grandkids, too!)
love, mom