Saturday, May 10, 2008

We're Here!!!

The trip out here wasn't too bad except for a few little bumps along the way, namely: listening to High School Musical 2 about 10 times, Luke getting car sick while driving though the mountains, almost running out of gas in the MIDDLE of NOWHERE (thanks Lysh, for saving me -AGAIN!), surviving numerous dust storms, being stopped by border patrol and a run-in with a crack-head at Wendy's in New Mexico. All that matters is WE MADE IT! To top it off, it only took Romo about 2 minutes of being out of the car here to have a run-in a cactus. He has learned his lesson as to what to try to pee on, and what should PROBOBLY been left alone- HA!

So! I have been up to my eyeballs in boxes, trash and RANDOM items that seemed to sneak there way out here with us, but we have worked so hard the house is coming together! YEA!!! Here is the slideshow of the house "Before" and after I clean house today while the kids are at M & G's I'll make an "After" for tomorrow....

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