Tuesday, May 20, 2008

God Bless The U.S.A. -Seriously!

Two Important Bulletins: Jason got a job and the baby has a name! He was offered a position at the Biltmore, and Miss Morgan Jane can officially own her "MJ" nickname! THANK GOD FOR BOTH!!!

New Development: I'm going to try to get it on tape- but for some reason when you ask Bub's "What's your name?" he answers "Pierre"!?!?! Seriously, everytime!

Miss O had her first performace at DC last night, when all of the kindergarten classes put on an All American Review after we had all stuffed ourselves with hot dogs and chips! It was 110 degrees, but totally worth it to sit out and see her sing all the songs she had been singing for us (at warp-speed a'la the Chipmonks, I might add-ha!)for the past two weeks! She will be finished with school on Thursday and we are celebrating by going to G & M's to swim and visit. Please keep us all in your prayers- we need them.

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