Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Golf Cart!

Martha and Gary got Bubs and Bryant little golf carts for Christmas this year. Our car was too full on the drive home, so we left his here and Martha had planned to mail it to us sometime. Well! Now that we are here, we brought it home with us the other day, and we finally sat down and put it together (with minimal fighting, I might add...)

The first thing Luke did this morning was want to get in and drive it around. I didn't think he could do it, but sure enough! He hoped in and Jas showed him how to push the pedal. He would do it in little spurts, but got SO excited! We both were dying laughing and I grabbed the camera! It didn't take him more than 10 minutes, before he figured out how to a)push the pedal for longer stretches at a time, and b) how to REALLY steer! UNBELIEVEABLE! and TOO CUTE!

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Anonymous said...

He looks so BIG AND GROWN-UP!
Dad kind of turned pale when I told him Luke was driving a golf cart in the house, but I explained that your livingroom was just a big arena. So that was okay.