Monday, October 6, 2008

Weeeee'rrreee Heeeerrreee!

Sorry I have been missing! Moving is such a beating. And we don't have internet at the house yet due to cable complications. But...

Here is my "NOT ME MONDAYS " post all about moving!

I did not allow my son to eat an entire box if Nemo fuit snacks on the plane. NEVER! There's like 8 packages of those things in there! EWWW!

I did not bribe my daughter with the Pet Shop house of her dreams if she would play with Luke during the entire flight! Bribery?? Are you kidding? What parent would resort to that??

I did not take over 60 pictures of the house we are renting and submitted them to the landlord with our Conditions Report- who would be so anal and Type A?? Who would care if there were small paint splatter on the sidewalk??

I did not completely ruin our dining table when I lost the screws to the legs during the move, bought more that were too long and then drilled 12 of them straight through the top of the table! I mean, come on?? I would never be that stupid!

I would never have decided that EVERYONE'S furniture needed repainting and spend three days high on fumes from painting in the garage! Who would dare make SO much more work for themselves when they have a house full of boxes and children to tend to??? No me!

I did not throw my husband's ATM card away while it was hiding in a stack of napkins that I waded up and put in a plastic Starbucks cup that I hid in our trash bin outside! What!?! How could that happen when I don't buy Starbucks as my little sacrifice to the new "Dream House" fund??? I would never hide ANYTHING like that from my husband!! Much less use his card to pay for such a thing! (But I do give thanks to the Lord sending me the message that that's where it would be found during the carpool line so I could act like I found it in the car once I got home!)

I would never secretly rehang everything that Jason hung up in the house about 6 inches below where he put it! He worked hard being so "HGTV" and all that that would just be mean. Ü


The Saras Family said...

Whoo hoo!!! lovin' Not Me Mondays!!!
Welcome home!!! Now let's play!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget a shout out to Dad's smashed thumb, putting the new table together.
Best Dad in the Whole World.

marie said...

sounds alot like what we're going through right now! Call me when you're ready to destress!