Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday: The Anniversary Edition

In honor of our 7 Year Anniversary today, I am dedicating my Not Me Mondays to my precious husband for putting up me and my shinanigans...even before he knew me!

My OBSESSION with Jason did not start at the Back to School Bash in 1996. I did not see him all Ceasar Haircut- Baggy Jean- Ridiculously Large Polol shirt-y and think, "Love Him! He will be mine, oh yes, he will be MINE!"

I did not enlist the help of my two best high school friends to break into an Athletic's Display case in the entry way of the school with a bend coathanger loaded with masking tape when we were supposed to be practicing a kick routine out in the hall! We did not accidentaly completely rip down everyone else's photo in the process! Vandal, I am not!!!

I did not OBSESS over what direction I would walk from class every other day, seeing as how I MIGHT see him (read: stalk him) in the hallway on "B"days as we walked out of the school wing on those days. I would never intensionally have my friends laugh at me so as to appear hil-ar-i-ous and irresistable!

I did not completely loose my cool whenever he would show up at the Taco Bell parking lot on a Friday night, or drive a route around Carrollton to drive past his house and the homes of his firends with the chance his car might be out there! I did not make extra trips out to my car on certain days when I was supposed to be getting ready for Drill Team because I saw him leave out the gym area doors one day and thought I might casully run into him again one day! And, no, I didn't earn numeroud tardy demerits for this! I did not enlist the help of every Senior Troyann I knew to casually fit me into any conversation they happened to have with him and mention how fabulous I was. Who is that looney? Who has that much free time?? ..Who has that much gas money???

I did not change clothes 50 times and then go buy something to wear to Stacie's 18th birthday because I knew he would be there and that was going to be the night a little "Liquid Courage" could finally get me to talk to him. And, no, her birthday is not in December, so, no, I hadn't been working up this courage for 5 months!!! (Please note: I did have someone introduce us and later learned he didn't remember it. Nice.)

I didn't have a bunch of Jason's friends stop by my house one day only to find the golf team picture FRAMED in my room! Seriously- who would be so careless?!? (Or so psycho??) That wasn't the day that the cat was out of the bag, or the night I was told to call him and did.

I did not feel bitter that I paid a fortune for my prom dress and hair-do, only to ride there in the nasty old "Norton Van", not dance one dance and spend the night fishing Jason's head out of the toilet, sleeping on the cold bathroom tile. No! Who would care? Seriously? Only supposed to be the best night of High School, right? RIGHT!?!

I did not cry for about 2 weeks after the moved out to Arizona after graduation, nor did I rack up a $400 long distance phone bill while doing more crying! And, no, $395 of that bill were not caused by us saying, "Okay, you hang up first....No, you hang up.... I love you.... I love you more...No, I love you the most"! Come on! Who would be so ridiculous???

After a few years of back and worth, break-ups and make-ups, we found each other again... and here we are: 12 years of friendship, 7 years of marriage, 8 homes, 3 kids and 1 dog later. And I still adore him. He makes me laugh everyday. He does a million things that make me nuts, but they are all endearing. We've had our moments, almost called it quits, but we always come back to the fact: We make each other whole. He is The One for me. We are yin and yang, Type A and Type B, athletic and artistic, serious and silly. I think our partnership makes us great friends and great parents. We show each other different ways to do and think about things everyday, and everyday he does something that makes me stop and say, "I really am a lucky girl." We've been through alot this year, but it seems like every time we stop, hold hands and cross that obstacle together we always make it to the other side, closer together. XOXO. Love you, Jas.


The Saras Family said...

really, what else can i it.

The Saras Family said...

oh, i thought of what else I can say. I love that i am part of that story.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think you may still owe me part of that phone bill...
I'd forgotten about that crisis!
This is so funny.
Happy Annie to you both!

Machiavelli's Daughter said...

OMG. I seriously cried. You two are adorable.

4Hoffman's said...

That is so precious! I remember all that craziness!! So funny!

Anonymous said...

this is amazing - i love hearing the tiniest specifics of your memories. happy anniversary!! love the pics of morgan too--
love from belgium