Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ever have one of those days that when its over you say, "PHEW!" Today was one of those.

GOOD PARTS: Luke not only stayed in his bed after we finished reading to him- he also slept in til 7:30!!! Morgan slept through the night (8:00pm - 6:45am)YEA! Lets see if she does it again. Went to JoAnns and Luke actually sat in the cart and didn't touch a million things. M&Ms were given. Bought some fabulous fall decor for my entry table. Spent some time at Mom and Dads, was able to run an errand alone. Resisted stopping at Starbucks. Came home and got to work on Morgan's costume. Managed to knock out an out-of-control headpiece and teeny-tiny Bumble Bee tutu in less than an hour. Picked up Olivia who had a great day and came home to play dress-up with my little Bumble Bee. Remembered I had a Starbucks Double Shot Expresso in the fridge and sat down and enjoyed the extreme coffee-ness of it. Ahhhh. After getting juiced up got inspried to make Luke's peanut trick or treat bag to go with his elephant costume. Turned out great. Made note to make a plam tree one for O. Then made 4 new hairbows for O because all of her basic colored ones has seemed to disappear...Then! made delicious Frito Chili Pie because its cold outside, ate some Tums, washed the dishes while everyone watched Tom and Jerry and put them all to bed. Am about to go watch TiVoed House with Jas. YEA!!!

BAD PARTS: Jas felt very sick this morning. So sick we had to leave the house so he could sleep in peace. Luke has TERRIBLE diaper rash (Potty Training starts in T-4 days). Luke decided after dinner that he would throw Thomas the Tank Engine at Olivia's face and KNOCKED OUT HER TOOTH!!! (We have fancy smancy photos being taken in 1 week and I prayed to the Lord to keep her tooth in her head til then. Oh, well.) She is completely oog-ing us out by sticking her tongue through the hole. Jas is still sick. And very pathetic. Poor guy.


Funny though: Look who Morgan looked like yesterday:

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