Monday, August 11, 2008


Morgan had her two week birthday last Thursday and I totally forgot to post pics. Here she is, along with a rare "Luke being sweet to her moment." For those who don't know him well, he thinks giving someone a kiss means touching his forehead to their face. He won't use his lips: so weird!!! Some fun facts to know and tell about her are: She is the loudest-gruntiest baby I have ever seen (heard!) She literally grunts for about 5 minutes before she falls asleep every time!, she hates to be swaddled and sleeps with both arms over her head, and she always burps in sets of threes. And I know she is only 2 weeks old, but we swear she can almost smile too! Completely gifted!

I don't know what it is, but I LOVE LOVE bathing my kids- ESPECIALLY when they are little babies! So! I have been waiting and waiting for MJ's cord to fall off and finally- it came off on Saturday night- of course, in the middle of the night, after she had had her boring sponge bath that evening! So tonight I busted out the baby bath tub and got it all set up and ...SHE HATED IT! It has a little sling that didn't quite let her sit in the water, so she was pretty cold and screamed like someone was killing her. Luckily, Jas was there with me, so he filled up the other sink with water that was probably a little too hot- but as soon as we stuck her in there: Ahhhhhhh! She stop crying and got that Zen Baby look on her face: Back In The Womb!!! She loved it and just sat there and let me bathe her to my heart's content... And then, we took her out: SCREAMING again!!! I really think she wanted to stay in there all night! I got her settled and treated her to a baby massage and then just had to capture the completely adorable chub that she has goin' on! We love it: nothing cuter than a rolly-polly-chubby baby. Seriously. She was so blissed out, that by the time I wiggled her greasy little lotion-ed body into her nightgown her eyes were rolling back in her head...It was heavenly! YEA, BATHS!!!


Sal said...

The photo of him giving her a Bubbie 'tiss' is killin' me- so precious.
The Chub is so cute. Wish I could see it in person.
Guess who we saw at Jo-Anns,? Mary Mioli. She says congratulations and bring her by the Nor'Kirk if you come to town. Cecilia and Morgan...nice.
Foundation probs- but Dad says wait until he gets home to fix them.

Anonymous said...

so adorable!! love it!--Jen