Friday, August 8, 2008

Back To School!

Sorry I haven't written in awhile! Had a few setbacks with my recovery- but doing better now. Went to the docs today and got a clean bill of health as far as my incision goes (It had opened up- GROSS! UGH!!!) Came to realize that the ER is not the best place to go to get good women's care- the doctor there made thing worse, if you can believe it! But, I'm fine now... I can drive again! YEA! But still can't pick up anything heavy or vacuum: Oh, darn!

We spent the last week getting ready for both O and Luke to start school! Lots of shopping for school supplies and new shoes! Nothing says, "Back To School" like a brand new pair of white Keds! We went to Luke's Open House on Wednesday morning and Olivia's that afternoon. Her teacher is a complete doll- sad though because there is another Olivia in her class, so O has to be Olivia Y. BOO! There is one looney kid in her class (ADHD!?) that Jason just can't get over! So funny- the kid is nuts! We are so happy because they both had GREAT days yesterday! Luke is the teachers "Little Buddy" as she put it- he followed her around the room all morning! Luke is also Luke Y. in his class, so I asked if they would just call him "Lukie". This morning when I got him dressed he said, "Go play at Luke's school"- so I take that as a good sign...Too bad he just goes two days a week. O liked that they got to play at recess 3 times yesterday. She told us alot of kids cried, and one little girl was so nervous that she threw up and had to go home! She was excited to go this morning, so I hope we get another great report!!

Funny kid stories of the week:
We were eating Dickies BBQ last night and Olivia was sitting down at the coffee table with her dinner. Jas, Martha and I were at the kitchen table, when Olivia turned around and said, "I'm having those two little people on my shoulder and I don't know what to do!" We were like, "What in the world are you talking about???!" and she said, "You know those two little people who tell you what to do!" OH! I said, "You mean the Angel and the Devil?" and she said "Yes, I just don't know if I should eat all these pickles or not!" HA! If that is the hardest temptation she faces, we are lucky!!!


Sal said...

She looks so grown up, compared to last year's first day photo!

Glad they both had a good day, and hope she picks up some nice friends fast.

The Mayor of Pre-school, I know.

Sarah went to Austin for a few days, and the roofers are coming on Monday. Just loafing around, cleaning house, de-cluttering, watching TCM with sole control.

Miss you all.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't believe she is an official 1st grader!! She is so cute. Mr. Luke is too. Glad to hear you are feeling better--although that does sound gross... Hope you all have a great week ahead. Take care, Jen and Lily always says Hi