Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Eggs and Stinky Feet

Today was Morgan's 1 month birthday! Time has totally flown by! I think back to June 24 and how long it was until July 24, the day she was born, and that seemed like it took FOR-EV-ER to arrive! Where does the time go now??? We all got up and had breakfast at the Good Egg, which was very nostalgic for Jas and I because we used to eat at the the one by our first little apartment in Scottsdale once every weekend... We then decided we needed to get out of the house for the day, so we started out to the Phoenix Science Center and about 5 minutes after we left the house, we started to think that maybe we needed to stop by Babies R Us to give in and buy a double stroller. So we get to BRU, and I know exactly which one I want (because I am Type A and researched EVERY one they carry...) and we tried to bribe the girls to just let us take the floor model and let us be on our way. No Dice. But they tell us its SOOOOOOOO super easy to put together and we can even just sit by the gift wrap area and "snap it together real quick"... HA! Are you kidding me??? These girls were MORONS! The thing had about 12 different parts you needed to screw in, and since Jas doesn't carry tools in his pocket, we packed up and headed back home...30 minutes, lots of cussing, and 2 or 3 cigarette breaks later, Jas had it put together and we were back on the road...

Then the real fun began! I sometime forget how much I love my husband and how HILARIOUS he is! Seriously. We got to the museum, and the special exhibit they had going on was called Grossology. And it was exactly what the title says: GROSS. But in such a fun-pull-my-finger- kind of way. You are greeted by this wacked-out lady robot who basically tells you that all humans do gross things and if you didn't you'd die. Lovely. Then we walk in, and I'm not kidding you: the first little science-y table activity is all about FARTING! It goes into great detail about why some farts sound the way they do, why they stink, blah, blah. blah.... Totally gross and hilarious considering it had a way for you to make these different tooty-sounds! And I am SOOOOOOOOO not a gross-stuff-is-funny kinda gal, but once you knew the science behind it, it was so interesting!! They had everything from how and why you burp, to why snot is your friend, to a smelling game where you had to figure out if you were smelling some one's mouth, foot, armpit, and dare I say it...tush! SERIOUSLY! On the way home Jas says, "Well, I can cross that one off my list: Skydiving? Check. Bull Riding? Check. Smelling some one's butt? Check!" OH, the horror! To make it even funnier, we were upstairs at another exhibit and Jas discretely calls me over and says, "I think part of the Grossology exhibit made its way up here." And I'm like, "What?" and I glance around and don't see what he's talking about. Finally he turns me in the direction of this young woman sitting at one of the activity tables, and sure enough: you can see her ENTIRE butt crack. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. He's so fun. Turned out the double stroller was a DREAM, and everyone was so well-behaved, considering the silly circumstances- wouldn't have been prouder! Talk around the dinner table tonight was completely inappropriate though...maaaaybeeee we should have gone for the Narnia Movie exhibit after all ...


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness. I am LOL!
This sounds like so much fun. I'm sure O. was incoherent with laughter.

The photo is lovely- she is really beginning to look like her own self. She reminds me of someone- might still be Marge.

Speaking of whom- she's coming over and we're going to the yarn store this afternoon. I see me being a Big Spender, somehow.

Then, I'm going down to see the shop sometime this week- we may have hurt S's feelings by not going before, but O.C. is far!

Dad is still getting estimates from the foundation people. We can't wait to see you!


wv: eggnbt Egg, no butt?

Anonymous said...

MJ is SO stinkn' cute (punn intended :))!!!
And that lady is CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!
I am surprised the Yo Yo Gabba man wasn't on display making arm farts - think of you everytime I see him :)
Can't wait for you two to get here!! H still wants to go see Lukies new house!!!!