Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tree Trimming

Jas and Miss O put up the Christmas tree yesterday while I lay in bed, a big ball of head-cold misery watching all of the OnDemand episodes of The Good Wife (which rocks by the way- I am hooked.) So all day today Miss O has been bugging us sweetly enquiring about when we could put up the ornaments. So this evening we turned on the Chirstmas tunes, discussed how much nicer it would be if we had something festive to drink... and trimmed the tree! This was the first year that Luke really understood what we were doing. (I say that, and just this morning he wanted to know why there were no presents under the tree... Oh, well...) He LOVED putting the ornaments on the tree. Jas laid out the ones that he couldn't break and he went to town. We had to have a little lesson on the "One Ornament Per Branch" rule though! Growing up, we all had our own boxes filled with ornaments that had been given to us or we made over the years. I still have a glittered Christmas tree cut out of a recycled foam-tray with my little kindergarten picture glued to it. Alot of them my mom made, or my grandmother had tied to presents- each one a memory of something that had happened that year. Before my little sisters came along, my Nanna had given my brother a ceramic Kermit the Frog ornament and me, a Miss Piggy one. I am embarrassed to admit, that being a chubby kid, there were years that I deliberately didn't hang Miss Piggy up. Seriously. So dumb. Now I love her. She's such a classic- and not a chip on her after all these years. I always think of my brother when I hang her up- I hope he still has his Kermit. Since marrying Jas, my family has bombarded him with ornaments, trying to get his collection equal to mine. The first Christmas we shared together, I put a new ornament on almost every present I gave him! He has such a soft spot for Santa, so most of his have something to do with Santa..or Golf... or Santa playing golf. And Elvis, we can't forget his love of Elvis! My mom has even found little kid ones that say "Jake" which is his nickname from when he was young. Too cute. But check this one out that my mom gave him years ago: We just about die laughing everytime someone pulls him out of the box. We affectionately call him "Proctologist Santa" Looks like he's snapping on some gloves getting ready for an exam. BLAH!?!? So gross, but we love him just the same...
We had to put Morgan Jane in the porta-crib while we did the hanging. She has been caught trying to eat the lights off of the tree, so we knew that she couldn't be trusted during all of the hustle and bustle decking out the tree. We don't know what she thought we were doing, but she kept clapping and yelling "yea!" When I finally let her out, she just sat on the hearth and kept cheering. I guess we did a good job!

Miss O has always been in charge of putting the star on the top of the tree. Just let me say for the record: I will cry like a big ole baby the day she is too big to get on Jas shoulder to put it up there. I have pictures of them every year- and while the star has changed over the years- it is always the last thing we put on, and something special just for her.

And what is a Yarbrough event without a dance party at the end??? Rockin' out to Christmas tunes... even Romo joined in!
Ta-Da! Here she is in all her glory- A tree full of memories!
Now on to the rest of the house...


Sal said...

Procto Santa- seriously, what was Hallmark thinking?

They really are the dearest kids ever.

Remember how Sarah was always mad because you and Travis had so many more ornaments than she did- and couldn't understand that you'd been collecting them for 8 and 10 years longer? Good times...

"We're having a 'theme tree' and the theme of the tree is not 'crap'!" heh.

4Hoffman's said...

I HAVE THE SAME MISS PIGGY!! (somewhere at mom's house!!) LOL!!

Let it Shine said...

Hahaha! That Santa is SOOOOO funny.

The kids look precious, and seriously, Morgan could not be any cuter!!!!

My Miss Piggy was driving a pink car......and Robby had Kermit too!!!

Can't wait to see you guys!

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

So lovely and memories in the making filled moments! your ornaments sound like ours. However, with 5 kids each getting new ornaments every year the tree is getting a bit overloaded. Bill doesn't have any ornaments from his childhood but I have plenty, so we rotate! Our tradition we started several yaars ago is purchasing an ornament from wherever we go on our family vacation. And sometimes we can't pick just one (or I can't I should say)......I love your tree and your traditions

Petey's Keeper said...

I remember the year you made the tree bow, and since it took up so much room, you rationed everyone's ornaments. Only two holy-card ornaments apiece!

Anonymous said...

Now that you've all left home, I can put on as many holy card ornaments as I want, so HAH!

The wonderful tree bow- and it was-so 'Martha'.


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Always lots to smile about over here. I loved the "cheering section" at the end provided by M.J.
I also got a kick out of little Luke being a hit with the ladies during lunch at big sister's school.
And then there was his "Thanksgiving outfit". What a cutie.
And last...little Miss M.J. kissing her baby dolls (and poking their eyes) hee-hee!
Thanks for sharing. : )